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Barry Ira Geller – Who is he?

My personal Wiki, started on Oct. 27, 2012. The film, Argo -- which was only about half-true -- still called attention to that part of my life I'd almost forgotten, working with the best artist in the work and the best futurists and scientists.

I decided to make my own page on my own server which will be honest, direct, completely revealing -- and not be deleted :-) I can be reached at bronxgodzilla@gmail.com // Google phone: 818-306-5122. For up to date Argo-related and Science Fiction Land information, see the Lord of Light website. The best article yet describing the events of the true story of my involvement in Argo. You may also want to read the Entertainment Weekly article published during the week of October 26, 2012

In a nutshell, The 2012 film has the CIA project vetoed by the State Dept. at the last minute. In Reality, that veto happened a month earlier. John Chambers, Oscar winner for Planet of the Apes and Island of Dr. Moreau, was my Makeup SFX man. But it turns out he was working for the CIA, as a patriot. Make white men look like Asians; Blacks be white, etc. When my ThemePark project ran into business problems in Colorado in December 1979 John just marched my script and production drawings over to the CIA and it was these aspects which I have been told by Iranians which made them believe the CIA was real. Unfortunately the chicken-tracks drawings used by the Hollywood film would have gotten the real people arrested, but that is another discussion which is further detailed on www.lordoflight.com.

Early history

@ 11-12 Built and flew balsa wood model Airplanes with two-stroke engines

@13-14 won 3rd then 1st Prize in NYC Science Fair ( Thanks, Mom for saving my Award-pins.)

@15.5 become "vagabond bohemian" and poet. Read poetry with Allen Ginsberg, Tuli Kuperberg, others. Published @16 in Ted Berrigan's "C" Magazine (1963)

@16 Attended Columbia College in NYC

@16 attended 8 months classes at LSU Baton Rouge, Comparative Religions

@17 Arrived and lived in Mexico for 6 months (one can imagine what I did there )

@17 back in NYC – Practiced Macrobiotics & became student of Lima and Georges Ohsawa, who got me intested in alchemical biochemistry; I cured my asthma and continued a life-long health & healing practice. I am 66 years old now, never saw a Medical Doctor in 48 years, and just received a perfect bill of health from my first Doctor. Practicing Health works!

@17-19 Discover Hebrew, Buddhist, Egyptian practices

@19-20 became fascinated by & studied Management Information Sytems - the IBM-360 days

@20 years old I became an Infrastructure Communications Designer: created and implemented intra-organization optimization procedures.  Successfully organized by telex 10,000 people across the U.S. in first trials.


@21 Private Investigator for Health Groups Lobby in Washington D.C.

@21, in 1969 co-founded and created InterMedia General Corporation, partnering with several new technology companies involved in a large stock offering:

Holography creation for mass advertising

Nuclear Teleportation

Became self-taught student of Solid-state Optics and physics thereof.

Met with and tried to hire Laser-Holographic Inventors, Professors Juris Upatnieks and Emmett Leith at MIT. (they later left and formed their own company, Environmental Research Institute of Michigan)

Crash of 1971 me and all partners lost all our valued stock as new ventures went out the window.


@23 Envision and write up plans for new energy source called Quantum Frequency Coherence


@24 attended college LACC, then UCLA, filmmaking, creative writing.

Began writing short stories. First Script. First job writing for a director.  


@24 Research & Experiments with engineers to create actual Thought Transmission device ("Impulse Switching Systems Controlled by Thought") with applications to Security systems and Free Energy.

@25 Wrote plays, got accepted to the National Playwright’s Company of Los Angeles. 

Got 1st play produced at Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles.



Working in primetime Television for one of top 10 TV writer-producers in the country as a Reader and Associate Producer. He'd originally optioned one of my TV treatments for a SciFi series called "The Evolutionaries". Right.

  @30 buy Lord of Light Rights & Start LOLCO and Science Fiction Land Themepark to finance the film. I sought out, managed, and creatively collaborated peer-to-peer with major artists and scientists like Jack Kirby, John Chambers, Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller, Ray Bradbury, Paolo Soleri. I architected SFL to have rides using the latest technologies like magnetic levitation, my own Holography, and a Bucky Fuller dome 3/4 mile wide & 1/2 mile high that 3M was interested in sponsoring. The plan as stated was to bring the future into the present, expand the imagination of children, and become a sanctuary for the great scientists of the world to do pure research. New technolgies would be first utilized for attractions in the Park, then licenced to the world industries to prevent vested interests control. Read more about The Lord of Light / ScienceFictionLand projects here.

Read my November 6, 1979 letter to Ray Bradbury, spelling out the future of the Internet, the growth of Science Fiction in the 80s and 90s, and generally how new technologies will shape the consciousness of the coming generation: Imagination married to reality creates the Future, I told him.

@1979-80 I am 33 years old. SFL crumbles because of Greed by a supervising producer who raised private funds illegally in order to have "his own zip code". CIA spy Tony Mendez "uses" my script and Kirby production designs to create a phony film crew and succeeds in freeing 6 people from Iran! I discover it was mainly John Chambers' idea, as it turns out he was helping Mendez for years as a Makeup Master. See: http://kck.st/SzXMo2 to get a gander at Mendez, hear him revealing the truth behind the film Argo on the video, as well as see the film materials comparison, received from the Freedom of Info Act.

The film Argo, prefers not to tell the truth of how its Mendez character acquired my screenplay and Kirby designs & makes up half the story. Thank you, Argo! Full story of real Argo comes from the 2007 Wired Magazine article which George Clooney purchased to make the film. Thank you, George!  

@ 40 become computer programmer, self-taught.

@ 47-48 (1995) become AOL’s first third-party Software Tools designer. Built AOL Stores with the first ecommerce programming tools on the new world wide web.

@ 48-59 Founded Information Provider Technologies (1995) with home-written premier eCommerce Store Building software for the new GUI (Graphic User Interface) Internet. This proves to be one of the very earliest software packages for ecommerce website development. Barry Ira Geller becomes competant Custom Software Development engineer and expert hands-on Project Management Specialist in various small and large internet websites and portals.

@53-55 Create and sell 2 patents on Internet Technology:

Barry Ira Geller U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 10/828,349
The present invention relates, systems, methods and articles for Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing and, in particular embodiments to providing improved E-Commerce and Direct Marketing through the use of a Virtual Streaming Multimedia Server (VSMS).
Buying items through electronic commerce via the Internet has achieved widespread popularity. Items can typically be purchased over the Internet with, considerably less effort than purchasing them using conventional means. Electronic commerce is far from ideal though in that delays may be encountered in the transferring of data that is necessary to facilitate the electronics buying experience. More here.....

Barry Ira Geller U.S. Patent Application # 10/670128
The present invention relates to methods and articles for providing payment for E-commerce transactions, and, in particular embodiments, to methods and articles for providing payment for Ecommerce transactions in a more secure and private manner.
An intelligent financial card system, process and article that allows more secure E-commerce transactions with Internet merchants by avoiding the transfer of financial card information to the merchants, while at the same time advantageously employing portions of infrastructure already used in conventional financial card E-commerce transactions. The intelligent financial card verifies itself and acts as its own transaction authorization agent during an E-commerce transaction.......
More here....

In the past ten years both patents have been cited and IP used as "prior art" in new patents for mobile internet, modern ecommerce transmission systems, iPad devices, banking encryption operations, Identity Encryption Systems (from my 2nd patent), and many other applications -- by companies like Verizon, AT&T, Citrix, Fuji, JumpTap, and Yahoo, Inc. My nascent work as Barry Ira Geller certainly certainly appears to have been influencial in these markets.

@53-current become practicing Mystical Hebrew Qabalist & receive major spiritual transformation from the Holy One, Blessed be He (encompassing all Hebrew, Christian, Buddhist, Tibetan, and Hindu beliefs). My vision of operational applications of quantum physics really take off as a result of this continuing experience of the Qabalah of the One Self. Not as strange as it sounds. The Argo-Lord of Light situation directs me to become aware of the Unity of all Life & the connection all of us have to our planet and race.

@59-60 I received a year's private sponsorship to work out plans for earlier envisioned Quantum Frequency Coherence (now further revised as "Quantum Constant Resonance") & write paper for AEC/DOE for grant to apply my new Unifed Field & Unity of Life Perception theories to Dark Energy Analysis: (click=>)

The paper showed the employment of various methods of probing and creating standards of measurement of Dark Energy, with relationship to new physics applications of Einstein's Cosmological Constant, the Quantum Electrodynamical work of Feynman, et. al --and harnessing such with 4th Dimensional Cassimer Force tools for potential functionalities of matter construction by thought in zero-point gravity, as well as purifed medical applications and others. Get that? LOL! While many top physicists are busy figuring out just what Dark Energy really is, (I had to read about 30 papers by the world's leading scientists already associated with the DOE in order to see what they are doing and come up with something different), my thesis gets to the quick about perceived real-life applications of harnessing Dark Energy like non-heavy, super-hard building materials and biological regeneration for medical applications -- to name a few.

I am looking for new pure research sponsors and collaborators, as I further refine and map out the experiments of this most seminal work for further grant submission. It embodies the greatest ideas I have had this lifetime.

@62-64 & Build Portal Website, with Blog, Calendar, and Groupware for Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, which integrates 40+ Community Health Organizations and their great activities. Custom Groupware implimented to reduce 40% of time consumption in group operations. A full goto resource site for all members of the Espanola community

@64 New Data Transmission entity and other newly envisioned technologies, are currently being researched and written. My notebook has at least two dozen serious research activities to investigate.

@66 August 22, 2014.... With renewed vigor and excitement I have decided to form a new team of scientists from around the world -- and fulfill the dream I had 35 years ago. LOL!

Lookup: www.lordoflight.com ; www.infoprovider.com ; www.kerubim.com